Advertising Disclosure

At, we strive to be as open and honest as we can about the methods we use for testing and the choices we make when recommending products. We maintain affiliate relationships with the majority of businesses in the RV goods market as well as bigger e-commerce sites like in order to keep the site up and running while continuing to create factual, educational material.

We want our readers to understand that our suggestions are solely the result of thorough product research and testing. We also wish to provide the following information about our connections and commission arrangements in the spirit of transparency:

  • has connections with businesses who sell RV accessories. Cost-per-click and affiliate fee agreements are a few of them, and they enable us to earn income from product connections.
  • The Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is one in which takes part. As part of this arrangement, pays us a commission any time one of our readers clicks on an link on our website and makes a purchase.
  • We are paid a commission if one of our readers clicks on a link on our website and buys anything from one of our partners. However, the commission will be forfeited if that reader decides to return the item. In reality, we are disincentive to promote subpar items in response to requests from present or potential affiliate firms.
  • In return for mentioning their goods in reviews, rankings, or suggestions, corporations have never paid us and will never pay us. We do, however, sometimes get complementary goods from businesses that are utilized for study. Receiving these items has no bearing on our editorial content and in no way ensures that the product or the seller/manufacturer will get a positive review or a top pick placement.

In addition to the measures mentioned above, we’ve taken the following additional measures to make sure that our editing process is unaffected by our partnerships:

  • Our review approach combines in-depth research, expert views, and practical testing, and none of our experts, reviewers, or staff writers are made aware of the terms of any contracts with businesses we work with.
  • Except to investigate product specs and company rules (returns, warranties, etc.), our experts, reviews, and staff writers never speak with any of the businesses we do business with directly. This has no influence on any of our recommendations.

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions concerning our research and testing procedures, product choices, or if you just want to learn more.